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BEERWORKS Brewing Co. Industrious. Social. Original. Iconic New England Craft Brewers producing classic and innovative brews since the start of the craft brewing revolution. Enjoy a hand-made beer and New England comfort food with family, friends and acquaintances at one of our locations.

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    Work At BEERWORKS!

    Come work for a Winning Team.

    If you are hard-working, reliable, friendly, eager to learn and work well as part of a Team – BWX wants you!

    Full time Management positions in the FOH and BOH that offer competitive base pay and comprehensive benefits including health & dental insurance, vacation, holidays, and a 401k with a company match.

    Full time and part time FOH Staff positions that offer flexible work schedules, solid earnings expectations and a true team environment. Our FOH Staff work together, pool tips for the entire business day and share them based on the hours worked by each of the BWX Staff and the job/skills they bring to the Team. FOH Staff doesn’t fight over sections, tables, tips, tip outs or shifts. Seniority, while respected as it reflects commitment, doesn’t dictate what section you get or the shifts you assigned.

    Full time and part time BOH Staff positions that offer flexible work schedules, solid earnings and a true team environment. BOH Staff are promoted and rewarded based on their ability to handle multiple stations, prep and maintain a clean and organized kitchen.

    Eat. Drink. Earn Free Stuff.

    The BEERWORKS Fan Club is a great way for you to earn cool rewards every time you eat or drink at a BEERWORKS location! Every dollar you spend earns you points. For every $75 you spend you can get $5 off on your next visit. In the coming months, we’ll be adding lots of cool new rewards like free BWX gear and a chance to cut the line on game day!

    Signing up is free and easy

    1. Go to fanclub.beerworks.net on your phone
    2. Sign up for a new account
    3. Eat and drink at any of our BEERWORKS locations.
    4. Accumulate points and get cool stuff!

    Does it cost anything to join the Fan Club?

    Nope. Sign up and participation are free. You earn points on the dollars you were already spending for food and beer at BEERWORKS.

    How do I earn rewards?

    Once you’ve signed up for the Fan Club, simply connect your check number to your Fan Club account on the fanclub.beerworks.net site every time you visit a BEERWORKS. Each dollar you spent on that check will earn you a point towards rewards.

    How do I connect my Fan Club account to a check?

    1. Go to fanclub.beerworks.net on your phone
    2. Select the BWX Fan Club menu item
    3. Sign in to your account
    4. Press the Connnect to Check button
    5. Choose the location you are visiting
    6. Enter your date of visit and the check number and press the Join Check button
    Your account is now connected to this check and you will accrue 1 point for every dollar spent (tax, gratuity and certain menu items not included) once the check has been closed.

    Can I connect to a check for a past visit?

    Yes, you can connect to a check up to three days after your visit. Visit the support page on the fanclub.beerworks.net site to find out how to get credit for visits more than three days old.

    How do I redeem a reward?

    Before you give your server your payment, connect your Fan Club account to the check at fanclub.beerworks.net.

    You may choose a reward to redeem before you pay by selecting any of the links to View Available Rewards on either the BWX Loyalty page or the View My Check page.

    Do I have to download an app?

    Nope. Just go to fanclub.beerworks.net from your phone’s browser.

    Why did you change from the old VIP program?

    Technology has changed dramatically since we first launched our VIP program. Most of our guests are looking for the convenience of a program they can use on their mobile phone instead of carrying a plastic card in their wallet. This new program allows us the flexibility to offer a lot of cool new rewards in addition to the old $5 reward for every $75 spend (which still works in the new program too). Plus you get more control in managing your own account and the ability to easily connect to a check up to three days after your visit.