BEERWORKS has been brewing “craft” beer before you were born. Classic interpretations of old world beer styles and innovative brews that have inspired generations of brewers and beer drinkers. We still brews some of our original classics, but we’ve added next generation beer styles and have no fear in brewing interesting seasonal and limited edition batches. Beers change often – please call your local BEERWORKS for today’s selections.

Seasonal & Rotating Brews


Hard Seltzer | 4.5% | BWX hand-crafted Hard Seltzer. Fermented with champagne yeast, filtered, highly carbonated for an effervescent, refreshing beverage. Raspberry, Peach, Passion Fruit, Lavender syrups available for a touch of flavor. Served on ice.


Winter Lager | 5.6% | German Lager, spiced to keep you warm on a cold winter night. Cinnamon, allspice, and sweet orange peel blend well with rye to balance out this flavorful beer.


Belgian Wit | 5.4% | Belgian-style “wit” or “white” ale. Unfiltered wheat beer spiced with coriander and Moroccan orange peel to offer a fresh citrus aroma.


Berliner Wiesse (German Wheat Sour) | 4.5% Deemed the “champagne of beers” by Napoleon because of its pale blond color with slight haze from the added wheat. The tartiness pairs well with our available syrup flavors.

Cherry Bomb

Belgian Dubbel | 7.2% | A rich and Malty Abbey-Style Ale Aged on Tart Balaton Cherries. Reddish Brown in Color Due to Belgian Candi Sugar and a Pronounced Fruity Esters from its Belgian Yeast Strain

Bog Monstah

Bière de Garde | 9.0% | Hailing from the Region of Northern France, this Farmhouse Ale has Loads of Fresh Massachusets Cranberries adding a Beautful Reddish Copper Color and Sweetness

Super Haze

NE IPA | 6.2% | The Prototypical New England IPA with an Adjunct Heavy Malt Bill. It Is Double Dry Hopped with South Pacific Hops including Galaxy!

Double Secret Haze

DIPA | 8.3% | Our Super Haze’s Bigger Brother. A Tropical Medley of Orange, Papaya and Pineapple


Baltc Porter | 8.5% | Rich and Full-bodied with a Pleasent Roasted Chocolate Flavor

Core Beers


Light American Ale | 4.4% | Low in Calories, Clean, Smooth, Easy to Drink

Blue 92

Light Fruit Ale | 4.4% | Low In Calories, Maine Blueberries, Crisp Finish

Boho Pils

Bohemian Pilsner | 5.4% | Bohemian Pilsner Malt, Czech Saaz Hops, Smooth & Crisp

Fenway Pale Ale

5.5% | Cascade and Amarillo Hops, Notes of Orange and Lemon Zest


NE IPA | 6.5% | Tropical Hop Character, Slightly Malty

Old School

6.8% | Bold Hop Character, Piney Aroma, Unfiltered

Big Boy

DIPA | 8% | Assertvely Biter, Huge Flavor, Citrus, Pine, Floral Notes

OG Red

Amber Ale | 5.0% | Sweet Malt Character, Subtle Hop Balance

Excellent Porter

Porter | 7.1% | Dialed up to 11, Dark and Roasty, Complex

Nitro Curley’s

Irish Stout | 4.3% | Black in Color with Big Roasty Coffee-Like Flavors. Dry but Smooth from an Injecton of Nitrogen for an Extra Creamy Head. For a True Irish Hero; Former Boston Mayor James Curley

Past Brews

These beers are no longer currently available, but we are regularly rotating our beers so be sure to let us know if you miss any of your favorites!

American Summer Wheat

Crushable, Robust What Character, Piney & Fruity (ABV 5.4% / 30 IBU)

Brutally Honest IPA

Brut Style IPA (Hop Champagne), Excessively Effervescent, Super Dry, Well-Rounded Hop Profile (ABV. 5.2% / 30 IBU)

BWX Altbier

Classic German Style, Bold, Brilliant, Crisp, Toffee & Caramel Notes (ABV. 4.8% / 25 IBU)


Dunkelweizen | 5.6% | A Dark German Wheat Beer out of the Southern Region of Germany. Low in Biterness due to Rich Chocolate Wheat Malt. Characterized by its Banana and Bubble Gum Weizen Yeast Flavor

Freudian Sip

Dark Vienna Lager, Complex, Clean , Smooth, Easy to Drink (ABV. 4.7% / 18 IBU) Limited Release

Nitro Cookie Stout

Nitrogenated Oatmeal Milk Stout, Real Cookies in the Mash, Conditioned on Vanilla Beans and Cocoa Nibs (ABV. 6.5 % / 45 IBU)


Marzen | 5.4% | Traditonal German Märzen that Pays Homage to the Brewmasters of Old Copper in Color and Perfectly Hopped…Prost!

Oh My Gourd

Brett Sour | 5.4% | This Funky Pumpkin is a Darker Version of our Pumpkin Works Soured with Brett. The Blend of Funk and Spice Pair Surprisingly Well off Each Other


Spice Beer | 5.4% | Loads of Chocolate and Caramel Malts Balance the Heaping Amount of Pumpkin Pie Spice to Create that Aroma that Reminds us of the Holidays. Only available through Thanksgiving

Raspberry Sour

Fruited Kettle Sour, Raspberry Sorbet, Lactose, Conditioned on Raspberries (ABV 5% / 15 IBU)

Rice Saison

Brewed with Rice to make it Ultra Crisp, Complex yet Smooth, Belgian Yeast (ABV. 5.5% / 25 IBU)

Stars & Stripes APA

American Pale Ale, Motueka, Mosaic, Ekuanot, Refreshing, Hazy Straw (ABV. 5.4% / 35 IBU)